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Random Button

A simple one button app, isn’t it? Well, not really.

Initially it’s just a simple button, but after a few clicks you can unlock several buttons, extras and power ups, as the game will gradually get more complex the more you play it. Random Button has a lot of buttons with different behaviors and rewards, but in the end, only the number of clicks matter.


How it all began

This app was done on the Hackathon of Google I/O 2013 Extended Aveiro (Portugal) as an overnight app with only one specification, have only 1 button. Ideas grew slowly as more people found the app to be fun to play with for some time, so I decided to remove the easter eggs and create 5 new buttons. After a few months more ideas flowed inspired by simple games and similar concepts that could be used on Random Button.

It is unclear if this will get anywhere, but it is getting interesting month by month.


There are 6 buttons, Normal, Micro, Blue, Gray, Gold and Rainbow. Each have different behavior, rewards and odds.

(Future update soon in this section)


Available after v0.27, a special widget for lockscreens is also available on Androids with Gingerbread and above.


  • Alternate clicks using 2 fingers
  • On Rainbow button tap 5 fingers at once (fingers can’t touch each other)
  • Use widgets if you want big numbers in a short time


Two versions are available on Google Play, Random Button as the free version and Random Button +1 as the paid version (for only 0.99€).



Feedback is always welcome, specially about bugs and gameplay. The suggestion list is huge right now, but new ideas are also welcome!

How to Pin Anything to the Taskbar

Lately I had a deploy batch and I noticed how somehow it was unpinnable to the taskbar on Windows 7 (and it seems it also behaves like this on Windows 8). So here are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Create a shortcut to the file you want to pin
  2. Click on Properties and change the Target to “cmd.exe /C
    (You can also change the icon to whatever you want)
  3. Drag the Shortcut to the TaskBar

The second solution might not work every time, the trick is to deceive the TaskBar, here’s how:

  1. Rename your file extension to “.exe”
  2. Drag the file to the TaskBar
  3. Rename the file extension back to the original
  4. Right click the Pinned File, click on Properties and change the target file’s extension back to the original (The icon will be correct after you reboot)

If the 2nd solution works for you, stick to it, as there is no need for any extra file (the shortcut) and doesn’t need to run the file through the command line.

For a direct approach you can also go to “C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar” and simply create a shortcut to any file you want.

FFXIV: Endgame, Relic and Darklight Gear

Have you reached level 50 and are a bit lost of what you should be doing? Have you finished the storyline and want to reach the Coil of Bahamut? Here is some gear you will need to get and where you can farm for it!

FFXIV: Early Access Extended

Due to some errors and late deliveries the Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn Early Access will be extended 3 days to August 29th at 18h59 GMT (11h59 PDT). If you don’t have EA, don’t worry, the release is still on August 27th, but those with Early Access won’t use any of their 30 days free until then.


There has been a lot of confusion since B3 (Beta Phase 3) about jobs and which secondary classes need to be leveled so they can be unlocked.

To prevent more confusion, jobs don’t gain levels, they can be “equipped” to a class to specify it’s role, they directly give new abilities and spells when “equipped” but also restrict the cross-class skills that you can have.

FFXIV: Change Voice Acting

On Final Fantasy XIV unlike the other previous Final Fantasy games you will be able to choose between 4 different languages for Voice Acting on Cut-scenes. This choice was suggested a lot by west players who wanted to be able to enjoy the cut-scenes in Japanese with English subtitles.

So in FFXIV it is possible, it isn’t perfect though, some characters speak in the background and it isn’t translated on the subtitles or the chat, so you will be missing some minor details.

Final Fantasy 14 Open Beta

Beta phase 4 of FFXIV has just been announced from 17th to 19th of August, players that played on the previous Closed Beta phases can start a day before (16th of August). This 4th phase is an Open Beta, so if you played before you can just wait, if you didn’t you can register and play it for 3 days even if you don’t own the game.

This Open Beta will also use a new client that you can download here


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