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25TB Titanium Oxide DVD

Japanese researchers have discovered a material that when aplied to a DVD, is able to store 1000 times more data than a Blu-Ray disk. The “old” DVD seems to beat the Blu-Ray, as this new DVD’s work on normal DVD Drivers.

This new disk are made using a new crystal form of titanium oxide, the material switches from a black-color metal state that conducts electricity to a brown semiconductor when exposed to light which enables it to store binary data.

But the fact that it can store up to 25TBs doesn’t come alone as the more surprising fact is that it’s actually cheaper than any Blu-Ray as the titanium oxide is substantially cheaper than the rare element germanium-antimony-tellurium used on Blu-Rays.

In the near future or not, this next-generation optical storage will change the way we use and transport data, just imagine one company entire backups in 1 disk!