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Diablo 3 Open Beta

I just played Diablo 3 (the whole beta) today, as a fan of Diablo 2 I have to say that I was quite excited. I don’t really like Blizzard, but I did play D2 and WoW for a while and it wasn’t a bad experience overall.

The Best Way to Change Glassfish Ports

So here’s the best solution that works independently of the operative system. Go directly to the configure file located on:


<GLASSFISH_PATH> is where you installed glassfish and domain1 is the default server name, so it can be different or have more than one, in that case select the server that you want to change their ports.

Permanent Brain Damage From Bitcoin Mining

Never sleep in the room where you have your mining rigs, like gold mining, keep it safe. Underclock it if needed during summer, and control the temperature of the room and of your rigs.

Here’s the episode of Bitcoin mining going wrong:

What I Hate on Google+

The worst thing I hate on Google+ is not having a prismatic identity, as I want to share publicly a lot of different content with other people, but only based on interest. For example, it would be unpleasant to share tons of anime-related posts with people that added me because of my interest on bitcoin, and apparently there is no way to do this currently on G+ unless I want to divide my shares on different thematic G+ pages.

Phreak Ruins WCG Final

As you all know League of Legends was on WCG (World Cyber Games) for the first time, and this last weekend the last 4 teams played against each other. The final was the most expected fight, CLG vs SK (US vs EU), so we wanted to see a good and fair fight, though it seems this was not the case.

Kinect Competitor Comes From China

lenovo, a Kinect Competitor that comes from China eBox In a time that everyone expected a challenge between Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s Move, a new competitor shows up. Lenovo, a chinese multi-national is developing a console that’s based on movement recognition.

25TB Titanium Oxide DVD

Japanese researchers have discovered a material that when aplied to a DVD, is able to store 1000 times more data than a Blu-Ray disk. The “old” DVD seems to beat the Blu-Ray, as this new DVD’s work on normal DVD Drivers.