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FFXIV: Change Voice Acting

On Final Fantasy XIV unlike the other previous Final Fantasy games you will be able to choose between 4 different languages for Voice Acting on Cut-scenes. This choice was suggested a lot by west players who wanted to be able to enjoy the cut-scenes in Japanese with English subtitles.

So in FFXIV it is possible, it isn’t perfect though, some characters speak in the background and it isn’t translated on the subtitles or the chat, so you will be missing some minor details.

As for the quality of the Voice Acting, a good voice actor can make a world of difference, but I’m unimpressed by the NA Voice Acting and I’m yet to hear most of the cut-scenes in Japanese, but they do sound better in my opinion.

But it isn’t nearly as bad as this (from Final Fantasy X):

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2ND EDIT: Great balls of fire, my video got linked to a big website to demonstrate bad acting in gaming! I’ll put on the record, that I believe Tidus’ acting was great (James Arnold Taylor FTW) and even if he laughs eerily strange here, it’s rationalized that he just heard some deeply disturbing news concerning his father, whom he nearly despises. Yuna, however, was pretty bad at times, including this scene. There’s no reason she had to laugh just as bad as Tidus. FFX also had a group of big-name voice actors like Tara Strong, John DiMaggio, Quinton Flynn, and Corey Burton (voice acting GOD). Heck, even Dwight Schultz, better known as Lt. Barclay from Star Trek TNG was doing voice acting for FFX! FFX didn’t mess around with its acting…with the exception of Yuna. Forgive my rant. *Ahem* …but I’m still keeping comments off. *Exasperated look*

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Scene from Final Fantasy X where Tidus and Yuna laugh. Very hard. For no particular reason.

If you are unsure what to choose, remember that you can always change the VA/subtitles and re-watch the cut-scenes in any Inn. That is also a good way to to see for yourself what kind of VA you like more.

In the end, most of you will keep the Voice Acting in English, but giving the choice to the players is an important move that I hope they follow from here on for future Final Fantasy Games (and Kingdom Hearts III, cof).