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FFXIV: Endgame, Relic and Darklight Gear

Have you reached level 50 and are a bit lost of what you should be doing? Have you finished the storyline and want to reach the Coil of Bahamut? Here is some gear you will need to get and where you can farm for it!

Tiers of Equipment


  1. Grand Company / Crafted
  2. Darklight – Drops on The Wanderers Palace
  3. Primal – Ifrit < Garuda < Titan
  4. Relic – Requires a long quest chain and for you to beat all three HM Primals
  5. Relic+1 – Costs Allagan Tombstones of Mythology
  6. Allagan – Drops from Coil of Bahamut


  1. Artifact (blue Class gear) / Grand Company
  2. Amdapor Keep drops
  3. Darklight – Costs Allagan Tombstones of Philosphy
  4. Artifact+1 – Costs Allagan Tombstones of Mythology
  5. Allagan – Drops from Coil of Bahamut

Once you reach level 50 you will gain access to:

Castrum Meridianum

100 Allagan Tombstones of Philosophy

The Praetorium

100 Allagan Tombstones of Philosophy

The Wanderers Palace

50 Allagan Tombstones of Philosophy + Darklight Weapons

Amdapor Keep

80 Allagan Tombstones of Philosophy + 40 Allagan Tombstone of Mythology

At level 50 you should farm primals to get your weapon, or buy a Crafted Weapon/GC’s Weapon. After that, speed run Amdapor Keep as much as you can, as it gives you better gear than the AF, and drops Tombstones of Philosophy and Tombstones of Mythology. While Castrum Meridianum and The Praetorium are good farms for Tombstones of Philosophy.

Allagan Tombstones of Philosophy can be exchanged for Darklight gear while Allagan Tombstones of Mythology can be used to upgrade your AF gear to Artifact+1 from NPCs in Revenant’s Toll – Mor Dhona.

After you have most of your Darklight gear you can start thinking about getting your relic weapon. But if you have farmed well, it won’t take long.

Overall, compared to FFXI, getting the Relic weapon and even the Relic+1 isn’t that much dificult and it doesn’t take much time if you farm with a premade (FC members and/or a static party will get you there fast)

Good luck on raiding Coil of Bahamut, but until then, farm well. If you are on Odin Server you can send me a tell to Belial Nomoar, if you are interested on our FC (NeverMoar) we are also recruting.

Second ARC Relic of Moogle Server ARCs Relic – Archana Bellheart from Moogle Server

Though I didn’t took info from there (I received some of this info on text format), it seems that the original source came from a lodestone blog. So my thanks to Setrien Nuen from Leviathan Server, sorry I didn’t notice this sooner.

Edit: Minor fixes & Added source of the original text and of the ARC’s Relic