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Final Fantasy 14 Open Beta

Beta phase 4 of FFXIV has just been announced from 17th to 19th of August, players that played on the previous Closed Beta phases can start a day before (16th of August). This 4th phase is an Open Beta, so if you played before you can just wait, if you didn’t you can register and play it for 3 days even if you don’t own the game.

This Open Beta will also use a new client that you can download here

While you wait you can create your character before the Open Beta starts, to do so you just need to download the benchmark. The data will be saved on “MyDocuments” and it will be loaded by the client when the Open Beta starts.

On the phase 4 there will be some limits as well as some updates compared to phase 3, here is a list with the most important:

Open Beta (Phase 4)

  • Level cap is 20
  • Arcanist class will be available
  • Fishing profession will be available
  • Wolves Den (Coliseum) PVP arena will be available for Legacy Servers (minimum level 30)


  • Hardmode difficulty can be setted for primals and dungeons.
  • Unicorn mount confirmed, on white mage’s quest line.
  • Other unique mounts for different jobs will be available.
  • Free companies earn points when members complete quests.
  • EXP bonuses and other bonuses confirmed for free company members.
  • Mob themed furniture for player housing confirmed.
  • Re-roll status points confirmed.
  • Rewards for long time subscriptions.

Reward for subscribing 30 days:

  • Wind-up Cursor (minion)
  • Phial of Fantasia (Used to change the appearance of your character)

Reward for subscribing 60 days:

  • Cascadier Uniform Voucher (Grants black “heat resistant gear” (aka swimsuit gear))
  • A Black Chocobo Chick (minion)

Rewards for subscribing 90 days:

  • Beady Eye (Ahriman minion)
  • Voidsent Resonator (Ahriman mount)

(There will also be available rewards for 120 days, 180 days and more)


  • Phase 4 data will not be wiped unless a game breaking bug is discovered.
  • No item transfer between same account and same server available.
  • Tell’s are still not allowed on duty finder instances.
  • Fee based world transfer service confirmed (available 2-3 weeks from launch).
  • Free of charge smartphone apps (named Libra Eorzea) confirmed for iOS (1 week after launch).
  • Same for Android one month after launch.
  • Barber shop where you can change hairstyle, hair colour, face tattoo, face paint, face paint colour and beard on the first update after lauch.
  • Seasonal events confirmed with a lot of specific gear.
  • Crystal Tower 24 man raid confirmed (3 months after launch).
  • Addon support coming 6 to 8 months after launch.