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Phreak Ruins WCG Final

As you all know League of Legends was on WCG (World Cyber Games) for the first time, and this last weekend the last 4 teams played against each other. The final was the most expected fight, CLG vs SK (US vs EU), so we wanted to see a good and fair fight, though it seems this was not the case. The last 3 games of WCG seemed a bit biased. Phreak was commenting the games as usual, but this time he had a side to cheer! But he wasn’t just rooting for the US team, he was bashing in a totally unprofessional way. We don’t know if the players could hear the comments while playing, but they sure could hear the crowd reactions to it, though they where in LA and it was normal some kind of support for the US team, it was unfair to pressure the SK while playing. will stop buying RP, but the thing is, we always knew that Riot didn’t like EU very much, this was just an official confirmation!

As for Phreak’s comments, they weren’t so light or easy to ignore, here’s some of them: “I wish the cameraman would show their sad faces now” “ arrogant voice EU forum is crying” “US is now officially better than europe.” “Morgana is a feeder”

So in EU Community opinion, it was completely biased, and he went too far. Though he officially made an apology on EU Forum, it will be hard to forget. Some state that he should be fired, other that they