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What I Hate on Google+

The worst thing I hate on Google+ is not having a prismatic identity, as I want to share publicly a lot of different content with other people, but only based on interest. For example, it would be unpleasant to share tons of anime-related posts with people that added me because of my interest on bitcoin, and apparently there is no way to do this currently on G+ unless I want to divide my shares on different thematic G+ pages.

Suggest a solution: A possible solution for this would be for every user on G+ share post based on an Interest. Imagine that I have this interests: Personal (default), Anime, Bitcoin and Internet Freedom. So I would share a post publicly tagging only 1 interest.

How does this solve the problem? If someone would like to follow/circle me, they could follow just an interest, a group of them (on different circles if they want) or simply all of them.

Usually you would only circle the “Personal” and/or all of the Interests if you know the person IRL. And if you donít, you would only circle them based on their common Interest on a certain topic, that is what we already try to do right now.

This would solve spam of uninteresting posts and would let everyone share about their different interests and not just focusing on one or two specific ones, the circles would have content related to those interests like they should and not a random news about Steve Jobs on an Anime Circle.

Do it Google